Other Debt Solutions

Our aim is to make clear an IVA and other Debt Solutions valid in England, Wales & Scotland by offering impartial guides. Learn about alternative options to an IVA depending on the structure of your debt in the following links.

A list with alternative options to an IVA


  • Bankruptcy vs. IVA

    Learn about Bankruptcy vs. IVA. On this guide a impartial overview about these debt solutions.

  • Bankruptcy vs. Debt Relief Order

    Learn pros and cons about Bankruptcy vs. Debt Relief Order. Click here to read our impartial guide.

  • Informal Arrangements – Ways out of Debt

    Informal Arrangements can be one last resort that an individual can take to settle debt matters before taking it to court. Read on to understand how you can benefit from Informal arrangements to the fullest as a way out of your debt.

  • Debt Relief Orders – Ways out of Bankruptcy

    Information on Debt Relief Orders – Ways out of Bankruptcy can be found on this page.

  • How Declaring yourself Bankrupt (UK Process)

    Declaring yourself bankrupt can have several benefits that a debtor can avail and deal with his personal debt concerns. Nevertheless, do not take it as your last resort to come out of your debt. On this page a brief overview of this debt solution.

  • Less people becoming insolvent in the UK … Is it really true?

    Statistics reveal that the UK bankruptcy figures are going down. But does this mean that more people are becoming free from their debts? No, the situation is somehow different. Read this piece to understand the fact.

  • What's wrong with payday loans and short-term credit in the UK?

    People are extensively taking payday loans to pay off their interests while their debt amount remains the same. This is worsening their debt situations while they take help of this short-term measure. Read the article in detail.

  • A new proposal to reduce the cost of Bankruptcy declaration

    The UK Business Minister has proposed a new Bankruptcy process that can bring down the cost of Bankruptcy and streamline the process. There are several causes in the proposal that can speed up the Bankruptcy process.

  • Available debt solutions if you are heavily indebted in the UK

    What are the available debt solutions if you have serious debt in the UK? In this guide provides you with a brief overview of DMP and IVA. Red more about the possible solution to your debt in this page.

  • Debt Management Plan (DMP)

    A Debt Management Plan (DMP) is a solution available in the UK for paying personal unsecured debt. To apply you need a debt of above £1500. To learn more about DMPs visit this page.

  • What is CVA?

    What is CVA? A Company Voluntary Arrangement UK is a debt solution for small business. It works similarly to an IVA but with some little differences. In this guide we will give you an overview highlighting the advantages.

  • Company Voluntary Arrangement - CVA

    CVA is a way of dealing with corporate debts. It is similar to an IVA solution but target to small business. Learn how a Company Voluntary Arrangement can help your firm to get rid of its debt on this page

  • Debt Relief Order

    DRO was established to help people who are unable to pay off their debts. It is specially designed for low-income earners with very few assets. Here's your complete guide to Debt Relief Order.

  • Alternatives to Bankruptcy

    What are the alternatives to Bankruptcy? Bankruptcy is not anyone’s first choice. It is a very severe solution with important consequences. It should be considered a last resort. In this guide we explain all alternative options available.

  • Bankruptcy

    Are you in debt and with no assets. If yes Bankruptcy could be a solution for you. Going bankrupt is a serious matter. On this page we'll provide you useful information on Bankruptcy and alternative debt solutions.