Money Tips

In this section we've come up with useful Money Tips and financial advices. These guides are dedicated on how to manage and save your money.


  • What is a Bailiff?

    A bailiff is someone who has got authority to collect debt as a representative of creditors like banks, lending societies or financial institutions.

  • Money Tips 50 ways to save small money

    No wonder, credit card repayments coupled with interest amounts can really bog you down with much stress and even further debt. It’s time you think about savings and clearing off your debts in the shortest possible time. Read on!

  • Money Tips for College Students in the UK

    It’s time you make a cautionary move before you even think of spending on things you may not need necessarily, and would rather save your money socially if you are a student. On this page we give Money Tips for College Students.

  • Growing incidences of online fraud on Christmas time

    The National Fraud Authority has raised their voice on the growing incidences of online scams on Christmas time. In this article we give some statistical data for the UK.

  • Banks are liable to give correct information to customers

    Sometimes, banks fail to give adequate knowledge and information and consequently consumers suffer financial losses. The Financial Service Authority has laid down a set of instructions for the banks. More details on this page.

  • Be social and WIN £150!

    Share this page and give us your Feedback for a chance to WIN £150 every week! If you like this site, share it with your friends! You could WIN £150 every week!

  • Grant and government funds in the UK

    In this guide we'll provide general information on grants and funds available for small and medium business in the UK.

  • Be aware of the dangers of Credit Card debts

    Nonpayment of Credit Card bills can have a very severe impact on your life, even leading you to a bankruptcy. We'll explain what can happen if you do not pay your Credit Card debt on time.

  • Smoking your budget away - Tips for people in debt

    The guide describes how by quitting smoking or cutting down your cigarette consumption, you can boost your finances saving hundreds of pounds every year.

  • Why some lenders may dislike your spotless Credit History?

    The guide details out why some lender can turn down your borrowing requests despite your positive Credit History and financial situation. Find out more on this article.

  • Top 7 tips for your food budget when you struggle with debt

    Top 7 tips for your food budget. The main focus of this post is to provide tips which can be followed weekly in maintaining a food budget for your family.

  • How to save on Fuel costs

    This article provides best practice tips to cut the cost of your fuel. If consistently followed, you are likely to save a great deal of money and improve your personal finances.

  • Tips for avoiding Wedding Debt

    Tips and Help to prevent you to going further in debt while planning for your most important day. This article provides realistic ways on how to reduce wedding costs.