IVA Information

Learn everything you need to know about an IVA in the UK; this section offers specific guidance and impartial articles to help you to understand how an IVA works.

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  • Credit Rating after an IVA

    Your Credit Score one of the first concerns when come the time to choose a Debt Solution. In this article we explain how your Credit HIstory is affected after your IVA is concluded.

  • Would my lifestyle have to change if I entered into an IVA?

    During an IVA you can maintain a comfortable lifestyle. You will have to adjust your life to a more modest way of living and stick to a budget. Advice and more on this guide.

  • What is an IVA Variation?

    What if your financial conditions change drastically during your IVA and you cannot more adhere to the terms agreed? Find out more about an IVA Variation and how it can help you during difficult times.

  • I can’t afford my IVA repayments - What should I do?

    What happens if you can't make your IVA repayments? Our answer to this question in this guide. We'll explain an IVA Variation and other alternative solutions: Debt Management Plan and Bankruptcy.

  • IVA and Mortgages

    Trying to get a Mortgage during or after an IVA does come with a certain number of added additional costs and different interest rates. Find out more about what you should know whether applying for a mortgage.

  • How will an IVA affect my home?

    Unlike bankruptcy, with an IVA you will not be forced to sell your property. In case you rent your home you have to check out your tenancy agreement. You can find more about your property in regard of this common Debt Solution.

  • IVA Pros and Cons

    In this page a comprehensive list of Pro and Cons for an Individual Voluntary Arrangement. Find out things you need to know before applying for an IVA.

  • How to get an IVA?

    You read about an IVA solution and you know it could help to sort out your debts; but how to get started with it? In this step-by-step guide we explain the process of how to obtain an IVA.

  • Costs involved with an IVA explained

    How much does an IVA cost? Should I be aware of hidden IVA fees? Are there any up-front costs when applying? We answer your most commonly asked questions and give you a complete overview guide.

  • IVA vs. Bankruptcy

    IVA or Bankruptcy, which one to choose? We have compared, as fairly as possible the two options for you. This guide offers a quick overview of both solutions, so you get an idea of how to solve your financial difficulties.

  • What is an IVA?

    Learn how an IVA solution can help you to avoid the severity of bankruptcy and make you debt free in five years, at a reasonable cost.