IVA Information

Learn everything you need to know about an IVA in the UK; this section offers specific guidance and impartial articles to help you to understand how an IVA works.

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  • How to handle your job redundancy payment during an IVA

    This article looks at what you can do when you receive redundancy income which is far less than your total debt during an IVA. Particular attention is given to the role of an Insolvency Practitioner in dealing with your Creditors.

  • IVA qualification

    Find out if your financial circumstances qualify you for an IVA. Qualification for an IVA is not secure if you do not meet certain criteria. On this guide we give you an explanation of all requirements needed.

  • IVA Overview

    In this guide we will give you a brief overview of an IVA. We explain: how an IVA works, the parties involved, the figure of an Insolvency Practitioner and the role he plays in your application.

  • IVA - What are the costs involved?

    When an IVA is up and running, fees will apply. These are divided in two categories, Nominee’s Fee and Supervisor’s Fee. This guide not only gives you an overview, but provides you with details of the costs.

  • Is my home protected in an IVA?

    Is your property protected during an IVA? The straight answer is yes, is protected. In this page we'll examine the relationship between IVAs and your house, with particular attention to rented and mortgaged properties.

  • IVA advice and general help

    Frequently asked questions answered on this page. What we will cover: minimum requirements for an IVA; who is eligible; the basics of the process;

  • Will HMRC accept my IVA proposal?

    This piece of writing will guide you by providing ways by which your IVA proposal can be acceptable to HMRC.


    In this article we answer the most frequented asked questions on IVAs. Namely: How it works and Pros and Cons.

  • Simple IVA

    The Simple IVA (SIVA) works essentially like a normal IVA. Find out all you need to know about the differences from a normal IVA and learn the distinction among SIVA1 and SIVA2.

  • Top questions you need to know about an IVA

    In this guide we are having the IVA commonly asked questions and their short answers.

  • Checklist of required IVA documentation

    In this article we explain which documentation you will need to have when applying for an IVA in England. Find out more about Endowment Policy Surrender Value, Mortgage Statement and more.

  • What do you get with an IVA?

    Learn more about the pros of an IVA. On this page we'll explain what you could get with an IVA. Also covered the characters involved in the process: Insolvency Practitioners and Relationship Manager.

  • Licensed Insolvency Practitioners

    In this guide we explain what is an Insolvency Practitioner and what does he do in the contest of IVA and Bankruptcy. Find out what an IP can do for you and what you should you expect from him.

  • Chances of IVA rejection

    In this article we'll explain the criteria that must be satisfied to qualify for an IVA in England. You will find also a list of alternative debt solutions in case of IVA rejection.

  • IVA conclusion - What's next?

    In this article we explain what happens at the end of your IVA. We also revise how this Debt Solution affects your Credit History.