IVA Information

Learn everything you need to know about an IVA in the UK; this section offers specific guidance and impartial articles to help you to understand how an IVA works.

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  • Avoid bailiffs with an IVA

    There can be several situations when a bailiff can visit your home in order to collect the amount owed by you. An IVA can be a safe choice to make payments and avoid bailiffs visiting you. Read how an IVA is helpful.

  • The IVA Register

    The IVA Register includes several important details related to bankruptcies and IVA cases. Anyone can access these records. Learn about how can you access the IVA Register on this page.

  • IVA Database

    The IVA database is a valuable public records. In this guide we'll give you an overview of the data base for IVAs. Find out more visiting this page.

  • Can I apply for an IVA if I'm a foreigner?

    If you have been living in England for the past 6 months then you could apply for an IVA. This short guide gives more information on an IVA for foreigners.

  • IVA Criteria - A useful checklist

    What are the Criteria for an IVA? Find out more about the criteria associated with an IVA. On this page you will find a practical checklist together with tips and advice.

  • Can I include a Student Loan into an IVA?

    Something has change about IVA applications and Student Debt since the "Skills and Learning Act" in 2009. Find out if a Loan for Studies can be included in an IVA.

  • What's wrong with Payday Loans during an IVA

    What's wrong with Payday Loans during an IVA? On this page we explain why using additional credit in your IVA is typically a bad idea.

  • IVA for dummy - The IVA explained in really simple terms

    Find out what is an Individual Voluntary Arrangement. On this page we explain it in the simplest way possible. We cover the IVA basic requirements, procedure and Pros & Cons.

  • How to start an IVA? – The process explained in simple terms

    The aim of this guide is to provide you with basic information on how starting the IVA process. Do not worry; we won't use technical jargon here. To find our how to start an IVA please visit this page.

  • What happens when my IVA ends?

    What happen when my IVA finishes? It is a good question which deserves a detailed answer. In this article we explain what exactly happens at the end of your IVA, in case of success or failure.

  • IVA Insurance; an interesting Protection Plan from ClearDebt

    ClearDebt, a Debt Management Firm from Manchester, launched a Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) for those on an IVA with them. The policy coverage is discussed in this article. PPI protects the Debtors in case of redundancy, sickness or unemployment.

  • The IVA Approval Process

    Not sure what an IVA Proposal is? A proposal for an IVA is a formal document that describes the Terms and Conditions of an IVA. In this article we examine an IVA Proposal in details.

  • IVA Completion Timescale

    Here we describe in full the IVA Completation Time-Scale. We have a clear explanation of the phases with duration on this guide.

  • IVA Process explained

    Here we'll explain the entire IVA process. In this page a step by step guide on how an IVA works. We pay particular attention on Interim Order and IP's role.

  • IVA FAQs - Clear and straightforward answers

    Here at Iva123.co.uk we consider your questions seriously. On this page we provide impartial answers to the IVA process and related. Please remember Iva123.co.uk does not sell IVAs or any other Debt Solutions, we only provide impartial help.