IVA Information

Learn everything you need to know about an IVA in the UK; this section offers specific guidance and impartial articles to help you to understand how an IVA works.

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  • Understanding the IVA criteria and it's affect in Edinburgh

    Understanding the IVA criteria and it's affect in Edinburgh. More information on this guide.

  • Rise in IVAs latest statics from TDX

    There has been a considerable increase in the number of consumers making negotiations with their debt using IVA plans. In this short post you can read about latest IVA statics from TDX, a data and technology-drive debt solution provider in the UK.

  • IVA Expenditure Allowances explained

    Remember while you apply for an IVA, your estimate of your living expenditures should appear reasonable to your creditors so that they accept your proposal. Read how to set your living expenditure budget.

  • Information on allowed budget for pets during an IVA

    IVA not only helps you in countering a grave personal debt problem, but also allows you room to consider some living expenses for keeping your pets. But not all pets are allowed! Read the details on this article.

  • Bank Accounts IVA

    In order to effectuate your monthly repayments through the IVA, there is a necessity to change your bank account so that the repayments remain unaffected in case of a freeze from your bank. Read in detail about IVA and bank account here.

  • Can I include an HP (Hire Purchase Debt) debt in an IVA?

    In most cases, an HP (Hire Purchase Debt ) is not included in an IVA. But there are certain conditions when an HP debt can be included. Read the piece to learn about it in detail.

  • What does IVA stand for?

    An IVA is a mechanism where the debtor to an arrangement with his creditors to make reduced payments towards the total amount of the debt own during five years time.

  • Why choose a DMP over an IVA?

    Why choose a Debt Management Plan over an IVA? In this guide we will give you a brief overview of these popular debt solutions. Read more about DMP over an IVA on this page.

  • Finance for a new vehicle during IVA?

    Obtaining vehicle finance during an existent IVA is never intimidating, if you are seeking to obtain credit for a new vehicle while already being in an IVA, you need to follow the advice of you Supervisor. More details on this guide.

  • Are payments fixed during an IVA?

    Usually IVA monthly payments are fixed by your Supervisor, but there are certain conditions where you payment can change. Read more about the reasons that can enforce a change in your IVA installments.

  • Good and Bad facts of an IVA - Debtors opinions and comments

    IVA is intended to serve as a solution to help debtors to get rid of their debts. But people have different opinions about the arrangement. Read if an IVA is really helpful.

  • Can I take a loan during an IVA?

    Under certain situations, a debtor may think taking a loan while under an IVA. Usually your creditor won't allow new loans during an IVA, in this article we explain why.

  • Failed IVA - Overview on causes and alternatives

    An approved IVA aligns the solutions to most debt management concerns under one roof. But if your IVA agreement fails, still you can have some possible solutions. In this page we offer an overview of causes and alternatives to a failed IVA.

  • Overview on IVA remortgages

    In order to apply for and IVA remortgage, the debtor must meet the criteria set by the lender. Read about remortgages criteria during an IVA in this guide.

  • How to chose the best IVA companies

    While managing your debts, it is a daunting task to choose the most suitable and the best IVA company. It requires necessary deliberation and efforts at your end. Check out what you need to ask to spot the best IVA company.