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  • The Citizens Advice Bureau reports fraudulent calls

    There are many fake companies that offer cold calls offering fake debt help services. People need to be careful and not to get entrapped by their false claims. Read how to be safe and report against such misleading companies.

  • Raising on personal debt in Redhill area

    Because of the rising rate of inflation, many residents in Redhill area are unable to meet their household expenses. Again, Christmas spending is expected to let people take loans and get into the debt trap. Read what CCCS has to say about this situation.

  • Statistics on debt during Christmas and New Year

    During the festivities of Christmas and New Year, people are willing to spend heavily and fund their needs by taking loans. Amidst rising cases of insolvency in the UK, people should be more careful while spending. Read this eye-opener.

  • An historical perspective on Debt for UK and US governments

    Why the debt scenario in the UK and US is in such a critical state today? How both the nations managed financial help from international creditors in the past? In this page we provide a brief look back to the financial history of both countries.

  • The Euro debt crisis is really so critical?

    Credit rating agencies in Europe believe that it’s high time that all currencies should come forward to put a control on the ongoing financial deficit arising from the debt market. The details are thought provoking insights, read it.

  • A brief overview on the history of British Debt

    When people fail to pay off their debts, it finally affects the economy of the whole nation. The UK’s debt situation is once again under severe crisis. Read the eye-opening article.

  • Collector should not harass you on Facebook

    OFT restrict collectors from harassing a debtor in an attempt to collect money. Also, collectors can't put messages on social networking sites revealing debt details of debtors. Read more here.

  • Students predict need for debt help in the future

    In a recent research by Debt Lifeboat, it has been reported that average students feel that they will encounter with financial problems in the near future. Read the whole post to understand why.

  • How poor budgeting and bad habits can lead you to more debt?

    Your poor money-management skills and bad habits could be the major sources of your financial worries. Keeping this fact in mind, try to control on finances getting out of your hand is a must. Read this article for some useful advices.

  • Money problems - Link between debt and suicide

    Many times when people fail to come out of their debt, they may take desperate measures. Debt-ridden people even have been seen opting for suicides as their last resort.

  • Video of the week - Debt made easy - A satirical short film

    We have selected as Video of the week: "A guide to American federal debt made easy". It is a satirical short film about debt problem in the USA.

  • Interview with Credit Management Specialists

    Here's the full interview with Graham Sands, Founder and Managing Director of

  • Debt Management Plan - New regulation for 2012?

    A new proposal is being introduced to bring positive changes in the existing Debt Management Plans. The idea is to make them more acceptable by the creditors. What are the opinions of the industry stakeholders about the proposal? Find out on this page.

  • One Bankruptcy every minute in the UK - Latest Debt statistics

    An insight on the current debt statistics in the UK. This data reveals a critical conditions conditions. Find out more statistics for December 2011 on this page.

  • Personal debt on Christmas

    The consumers in the UK have been relying upon their credit cards and other types of borrowings in order to pay for their Christmas celebrations. There are several reasons that have forced the Britons to go the debt way. Read the whole article.