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  • Bankruptcy FAQ #1

    What is Bankruptcy? Learn the answer in the following impartial guide.

  • Debtor

    Anyone who owes a debt to someone else qualifies as a debtor. These debtors can be individuals, companies, governments or from the justice system.

  • Will I have to pay anything from my wages?

    Will I have to pay anything from my wages? Learn the answer on this guide.

  • What are the main changes of the new legislation?

    The Enterprise Act 2002 is an United Kingdom Parliament Act which changed the major law governing the UK regulations of Insolvency and Bankruptcy.

  • Do I have assets?

    When you are in a financial condition where you are not able to pay off your debts, you can declare it in a court and ask for the debts to be written-off.

  • What is the difference between secured and unsecured loan?

    What is the difference between secured and unsecured loan? Learn more on this guide.

  • What will happen In Court

    The process may vary slightly from court to court but is as follows. You pay your court fee and meet with a court clerk to swear an oath to confirm that your petition is truthful.

  • Discharge from Bankruptcy

    Information about discharge from bankruptcy. To learn more read this guide.

  • Bankruptcy - How to apply?

    As a first step you need to be aware as to when and who can apply for bankruptcy. You can only be declared by the court by means of a bankruptcy order.

  • Bankruptcy Unsecured Loans

    An unsecured loan is anything that refers to the type of debt or loan that has been obliged without collateralisation of assets. To learn more read this guide.

  • A Guide to Bankruptcy in UK

    Bankruptcy is the legal declaration about the inability of an individual or a company to repay its creditors. It is a legal way of handling the debts that you no longer can afford to pay.

  • Introduction to Insolvency

    Insolvency is the inability of a company to pay off the debts to its creditors. The complete details about insolvency and the various procedures involved are must-know concepts as they might help you save your company.

  • Alternatives to bankruptcy

    Bankruptcy is the procedure in which an individual declares his inability to pay off the debts incurred by him.

  • Bankruptcy Register

    Bankruptcy register or the Individual Insolvency register is a record containing details of all bankrupt or IVA individuals. This is a public record accessible by anyone through online search on the bankruptcy register’s database

  • All about Debt Consolidation in UK

    What is Debt Consolidation? Advantages of Debt Consolidation? Learn more on this guide.