The term bankruptcy applies only to individuals, not to companies or other legal entities. An individual may be made bankrupt only by court order.


  • Bankruptcy FAQ

    Bankruptcy is one concerning aspect of one’s financial condition and though might be a common way of writing-off debts has its own negative implications.

  • Where is the Bankruptcy order made?

    Where is the Bankruptcy order made? Learn an answer get more information on this guide.

  • How does Bankruptcy Affect Your Credit Rating

    If you are already struggling with debts to creditors, chances are that your credit scores are not that great to start with. Bankruptcy does have a negative effect on your credit rating for a period of time.

  • Bankruptcy FAQ n3

    Bankruptcy questions and answers on this impartial guide. Click the following link to read more.

  • Bankruptcy FAQ n2

    Bankruptcy is a period of constant pressure and regulations and it is wise that we get all our clarifications resolved so as to ensure that there is no hiccups and hassles in the process.

  • How long does Bankruptcy last?

    How long does Bankruptcy last? Get an answer, read the following guide.

  • Bankruptcy Offences

    Learn about Bankruptcy Offences on this impartial guide. Click here to know more.

  • Bankruptcy and hire purchase agreements

    What is a Hire Purchase Agreement? What happens when you declare bankruptcy? Get an answer on this page.

  • Bankruptcy Debt Relief-Solutions

    Learn more about bankruptcy debt relief-solutions. Read more on this impartial guide.

  • Bankruptcy FAQ #5

    Can a creditor continue to contact me after I’ve filed for bankruptcy? Learn the answer on this guide.

  • Bankruptcy Pensions

    When you declare bankruptcy, it becomes your duty to inform the official receiver about all your assets and properties including your pension plans.

  • How credit rating is affect when living abroad?

    I have been living abroad but have large debts in the UK. How will this affect my credit rating in the UK and should I file for Bankruptcy? Learn more on this page.

  • Bankruptcy and Bailiff

    Many times prior to a bankruptcy situation a creditor will hire a bailiff to collect a debt owed to them. The Courts use bailiffs to collect judgments, taxes and fines.

  • Who Deals With Bankruptcy Cases

    During the bankruptcy process you may seek the advice of a financial counseling company. They will make sure you are prepared to speak to case officers, place your petition and help put your statement of affairs in order.

  • Bankruptcy FAQ

    Will I lose my retirement accounts or payments from social security? Get more answer to this an other questions on bankruptcy on this guide.