Debt Relief Orders – Ways out of Bankruptcy

Information on Debt Relief Orders – Ways out of Bankruptcy can be found on this page.

Less people becoming insolvent in the UK … Is it really true?

Statistics reveal that the UK bankruptcy figures are going down. But does this mean that more people are becoming free from their debts? No, the situation is somehow different. Read this piece to understand the fact.

Banks are liable to give correct information to customers

Sometimes, banks fail to give adequate knowledge and information and consequently consumers suffer financial losses. The Financial Service Authority has laid down a set of instructions for the banks. More details on this page.

Debt Management Plan - New regulation for 2012?

A new proposal is being introduced to bring positive changes in the existing Debt Management Plans. The idea is to make them more acceptable by the creditors. What are the opinions of the industry stakeholders about the proposal? Find out on this page.

Minister Ed Davey at a conference.

One Bankruptcy every minute in the UK - Latest Debt statistics

An insight on the current debt statistics in the UK. This data reveals a critical conditions conditions. Find out more statistics for December 2011 on this page.

UK Flag Image.

A new proposal to reduce the cost of Bankruptcy declaration

The UK Business Minister has proposed a new Bankruptcy process that can bring down the cost of Bankruptcy and streamline the process. There are several causes in the proposal that can speed up the Bankruptcy process.

The Business minister Edward Davey MP.

Insolvencies in Wales are declining as compared to the UK.

The business failures in the UK are far more than in Wales. The rising insolvencies in the UK are demanding UK businesses to develop more understanding and insight on the business issues. Read on this insightful article.

Latest survey - Young women in critical debt

The debt levels in the UK are record breaking in the recent times and women are involved in almost 50% of all personal insolvency cases in the country. Find out more on our latest survey on Debt level among woman in the UK.

Insolvency Regional Statistics - Years: 2000 - 2009

In this page we examine the statistical data of insolvencies in the United Kingdom from year 2000 to 2009.