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Free advice on IVA in Ely

Free advice on IVA in Ely. Impartial guide and useful information can be found here.

Finding trustworthy IVA advice in Sheffield

Finding trustworthy IVA advice in Sheffield. Impartial information here.

Finding a trustworthy IVA advisory in Carlisle

How to find a trustworthy IVA advisory in Carlisle? Some advice here.

Dependable IVA consultancy services in Exeter

Dependable IVA consultancy services in Exeter. read our comprehensive guide.

Debt consolidation in Gloucester – IVA, DRO or Bankruptcy

Debt consolidation in Gloucester – IVA, DRO or Bankruptcy? Learn more about it on this guide.

What are the chances of IVA rejection in Leeds?

There is a certain procedure involved in getting the IVA set up for you in Leeds. This article describes these procedures and give an overview of this debt solution available in the UK.

Money Tips 50 ways to save small money

No wonder, credit card repayments coupled with interest amounts can really bog you down with much stress and even further debt. It’s time you think about savings and clearing off your debts in the shortest possible time. Read on!

Rise in IVAs latest statics from TDX

There has been a considerable increase in the number of consumers making negotiations with their debt using IVA plans. In this short post you can read about latest IVA statics from TDX, a data and technology-drive debt solution provider in the UK.

Money Tips for College Students in the UK

It’s time you make a cautionary move before you even think of spending on things you may not need necessarily, and would rather save your money socially if you are a student. On this page we give Money Tips for College Students.

Good and Bad facts of an IVA - Debtors opinions and comments

IVA is intended to serve as a solution to help debtors to get rid of their debts. But people have different opinions about the arrangement. Read if an IVA is really helpful.

Failed IVA - Overview on causes and alternatives

An approved IVA aligns the solutions to most debt management concerns under one roof. But if your IVA agreement fails, still you can have some possible solutions. In this page we offer an overview of causes and alternatives to a failed IVA.

IVA for self employed (sole trader)

Self-employed people can opt for an IVA in order to handle their debt problems. This will get them a temporary relief from the creditors and allow them to focus more on their business. More info on this impartial guide.

IVA qualification - A brief overview

It’s not that every debtor in the UK will automatically qualify for an IVA. There are certain eligibility criteria for an IVA. Find out more on this page about these criteria to qualify for an IVA.

IVA annual review - Information on How to prepare it

Your annual review of income and expenditure is important to determine monthly budget. So, you need to prepare for it and keep all proofs handy that can substantiate your claims of rising expenses or low income. Read more on this page.

IVA equity release

Your equity in the property can be negative as well as positive. When you have a positive equity in the property, creditors can release the equity to secure their funds, if you go bankrupt. Read about the IVA equity in detail.