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Can I Reverse A Bankruptcy?

It may happen many times that you filed the bankruptcy petition and your application has been successfully granted and then you change your mind and don’t want to go bankrupt.

Discharged from bankruptcy?

N an early discharge possible? You can be discharged early but it depends mostly on your Official Receiver. Learn more on this guide.

Claim money from a bankrupt or company in liquidation

If you have lent money to someone who has gone bankrupt, getting back your money from this person can be a difficult task. More on this guide.

Complain about an insolvency practitioner

Learn more on how to fill a complain about an insolvency practitioner. Visit this guide to learn more.

Getting all your answers for Bankruptcy queries in UK

Bankruptcy in UK is a complex legal process and people have often a vague idea about it. Many people are not aware of the negative consequences that it can bring in someone’s life.

Bankruptcy Law in UK

UK bankruptcy law was created with the sole purpose of helping people who are in severe financial debt. It was meant to let them get out of debt without it being considered their fault.

Bankruptcy vs not paying-N2

Bankruptcy vs not paying? Learn more in this impartial and informative guide.

How much does it cost to go bankrupt?

Bankruptcy is an extreme measure to free yourself from debts. Yet, it’s not free and if you want to go bankrupt, you will have to go to the court and start a legal proceeding.

How my Bankruptcy file will be handled by Enforcement office

Bankruptcy is seen as the last measure to get rid of debt by the people who are unable to pay off their debts.

How to choose a bankruptcy solicitor

Here are some tips that will be helpful in choosing best bankruptcy solicitor for you, to learn more click here.

How to Establish Credit a Year after Bankruptcy

When you file for bankruptcy, it affects your credit worthiness severely, and it becomes almost irreparable even after years of your bankruptcy discharge

How to Save your Home while in Bankruptcy in UK

When you are declared bankrupt, the ownership of your home is passed to the Official Receiver or the trustee. The Official Receiver or the trustee in bankruptcy may sell your home in order to pay your debts to your creditors.

I am owed money by a bankrupt

I am owed money by a bankrupt? Learn more about on this impartial guide.

List of bankrupt people

Just like your birth, marriage and death records, bankruptcy is also a subject to be recorded in the public records. To learn more read here.

My spouse is Bankrupt in UK. Will it affect my credit score?

A person’s bankruptcy does not affect his or her spouse’s financial health directly, provided you don’t have any joint debts or assets with your spouse