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Bankruptcy - How and When it can end?

The Bankruptcy term can be a period of 12 months following the date of declaration by court or can be reduced or extended or even annulled based on the various rules and laws.

State of assets held during Bankruptcy

What is your state of assets held during Bankruptcy? To learn more read this impartial guide.

Bankruptcy – A Guide

Bankruptcy is defined as one’s inability to pay off his debts even after they have crossed their due date. Once you declare bankruptcy, your assets are sold or liquidated to repay your creditors.

Bankruptcy – How it affects you?

Bankruptcy is one’s way of expressing his inability to pay off debts to his creditors. It is one solution with which you can write-off debts you are not able to pay by the end of the bankruptcy term.

Bankruptcy Unsecured Loans

An unsecured loan is anything that refers to the type of debt or loan that has been obliged without collateralisation of assets. To learn more read this guide.

Introduction to Insolvency

Insolvency is the inability of a company to pay off the debts to its creditors. The complete details about insolvency and the various procedures involved are must-know concepts as they might help you save your company.

Insolvency Practitioners

Insolvency Practitioners or IPs are authorised or licensed to carry out the formal procedures related with insolvency in the United Kingdom.

Alternatives to bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is the procedure in which an individual declares his inability to pay off the debts incurred by him.

Debt – Places to get free help and advice

There are many organizations that help with free advice to aid in you debt management problems. This guide is a consolidated list of them to help you choose one that suits your needs.

Are you staying in UK and Bankrupt

Any citizen in UK can declare himself bankrupt, provided he meets the following criteria, please read on in this guide to learn more.

Bankruptcy and Liquidation Auctions in the UK

Learn more about Bankruptcy and Liquidation Auctions on the following guide.

Bankruptcy Procedure

Learn more about Bankruptcy Procedure in the UK? Click the following guide to know about it.

Banks accept bankrupt customers

Banks accept bankrupt customers? Learn the answer on this easy to read guide.

Can I Get A Mortgage If I Have Been Bankrupt?

Bankruptcy severely affects your credit worthiness and creditors often hesitate in lending you money, if you ever have been declared bankrupt.

Can I predict if a company in the UK may get Bankrupt?

Can I predict if a company in the UK may get Bankrupt? Learn more on this guide, click here.