Debt support for the peoples of Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland, a large number of people are struggling with their debt problem and the government has announced that for these people the funding for debt advice services will be available.

This is a vital funding for the debt ridden people of the Northern Ireland, which will be provided to them until 2015, according to Enterprise Minister, Arlene Foster.
According to the Minister, this secure funding will protect those vulnerable people who have been under huge debt because of the economic recession.

The Consumer Credit Counseling Service's (CCCS), which is commemorating its 10th anniversary in Northern Ireland, has assured to offer free and confidential advice services to the debt ridden people of the Northern Ireland.

The minister also praised CCCS for offering valuable debt advice services to the people of the Northern Ireland that helped people to repay a debt amount of over £20m.

Later this year, a public tender will be invited to appoint a debt advice service provider who will offer debt services on telephone and face-to-face.

The minister reiterated on her commitment to offer best services to the debtors of the Northern Ireland that is best suited to their needs.
She opined that the Northern Ireland public needs effective and efficient debt advice services and the government is willing to partner with the efficient service providers to help people of the region.

The managing counselor of the CCCS, Debbie Mills reassured that they will keep helping the people of the Northern Ireland to come out of the problem of personal debt.

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