Growing incidences of online fraud on Christmas time

Because of our busy schedule and work pressure, we often find it impossible to go shopping around and think of online shopping to save time.

Somehow, during Christmas time, the trend of shopping online increases tremendously. Most e-retailers consider Christmas as the most profitable period for their online business and this year Christmas online sale is expected to increase by 14% as compared to the last year’s sale.

But the National Fraud Authority (NFA) and National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) have raised their concerns on the growing incidences of online fraud.

According to these agencies, since the beginning of 2011 not less than 37% of adult consumers have been reported to become the victims of the online frauds. The problem is due to people’s shopping tendency on unsafe websites and revealing their personal details there. At least 74% of young professional men have been a victim of online shopping fraud.

Even customers shopping online using their mobile phones are more vulnerable towards online shopping fraud. When mobile users access unsafe sites, malwares get downloaded onto their devices that keep sending their key data and information to some unknown receivers.

NFA maintains that most of these frauds are because of unawareness of the consumers while even the most knowledgeable person can also be a victim of these professional fraudsters; and Christmas is the period when the fraudsters are more active in the online world to catch the shoppers.

It’s important to be tech savvy and shop on those sites only that are trusted and safe.

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