The Citizens Advice Bureau reports fraudulent calls

When you owe a debt, you should always think about it patiently and then take any step to get rid of it. There are many agencies that promise you to lend help to pay back your debt.
While approaching any companies or agencies that provide debt relief or financial management programs, you should always make sure that the organization is the authentic one.

Recently it came to the news that several agencies offering debt relief that claimed to be a part of Citizens Advice Bureau were actually offering fake debt help.
These fake companies often used to make cold calls to convince people with their financial advice.

The Manager of the Newmarket Citizens’ Advice Bureau Lynne Rawlings has warned individuals about the false companies claiming to be a part of the CAB.

She made it clear that CAB never makes calls to any debtor offering him or her debt help. So, if anyone would receive a cold call regarding offering debt help, no need to take it seriously.

She maintained that during the festive seasons of Christmas and the New Year, such cold callings become more regular and thus people need to be aware of these fake callers.
She warned people from giving these callers any key information related to their debt on the phone.

These commercial companies may charge a fee for offering their debt management services while CAB offers these services for free.

Anyone getting calls from these bogus companies may report it online at Action Fraud.

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