Raising on personal debt in Redhill area

Christmas is the time to celebrate, and people make heavy expenses to make their celebrations grand. But once the celebrations get over, most people find themselves in debt. The same trend is likely to be followed by the residents of the Redhill area and a debt charity has warned them not to involve in such types of heavy spending this year.

According to the Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS), 810 people of the Redhill area visited them for seeking advice on the average debt of £22,421 that they owed to credit cards and other unsecured borrowings.

They were clueless how to repay it or get rid of it and as the year passes the number keeps on rising. They have even revealed that due to the rising inflation some of them are even in a condition where they can’t even manage their household expenses and paying off their debts is a distant dream. They don’t have money to pay off their debt or secure their future.

The situation is worsening year after year and there is a 30% rise in the debt cases in Redhill in just two years. CCCS believes that the Christmas spending will bring more people into debt.

The CCCS is a debt charity offering free advice and support, their suggestion will make it easier for the people of Redhill to deal with the debt and to keep the Christmas spending to a manageable extent.

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