Avoid bailiffs with an IVA

The companies that have offered a loan to you may initiate a legal action to recover their money. Unable to pay off your debt they can make you go bankrupt and also lead bailiffs to visit you at your doorstep.

When you are under debt and are unable to pay, you may consult a financial advisor or a specialist who may help you to come out of such a problem.

An Individual voluntary Agreement (IVA) can help a debtor to avoid bailiffs. An IVA helps provide advice and legal techniques to clear off the debts in a certain period of time by making affordable monthly repayment..

The IVA solutions offered are authentic and usually easy to be followed. There are various websites and agencies who gives a guarantee that they will help you to relieve you from debt charging you some fees as well.

But IVA debt management plans take your income and expenditure in consideration and then plan out an affordable  repayment plan.

When a government backed IVA plan is implemented, the outstanding debt amount can be paid off over a period of 5 years and you may have to pay only 75% of the debt amount to the creditors.

Following the guidelines of your debt advisor, you may appeal to the Court for an Interim Order requesting to call off bailiff action and giving an assurance that you are working out on an IVA solution.

In an IVA, your creditors may freeze interest on your debt and this will call off all bailiff action against you.

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