Beware the PR message from Debt Solution Companies

‘Flat Earth News’ is  an award-winning reporter exposes falsehood written by the journalist Nick Davies, who has spent much of his time in writing on how PR plays a role in setting the news agenda. His writing also throws light on the role of the public relations industry in the debt market.

Recently, Davies brought the story about News Corporation’s cover up efforts.

Davies has always been in the news because of his unusual findings. The demand of PR agencies has increased in the recent times and there are dozens of debt management companies that require the services of the Public Relation firms.

These debt management companies take the services of PR agencies to popularize their repayment plans and push the more convenient debt solution for them.

PR companies get in touch with journalists for their help in the form of stories. The PR agencies often don’t mention that they are incapable of advising or giving solution to the people who are under debt.

A few years ago, there were only few companies that used to offer debt management services. But today the list is very long. The majority of these companies takes the help of PR firms to present a positive image about their services and offerings.

Thus, it becomes essential that one needs to be careful while choosing a debt management company, as PR agencies are often very successful in image makeover and the claims of these companies may not be reliable completely.

Verification Checklist:

  • When reading about debt solution and case studies, evaluate carefully if the information is genuine or is only for marketing purposes.
    Compare this information to institutional websites and ask help from impartial no profit organizations.
  • When asking for free advice on forum and websites pay extra attention; you could be contacted by an Online PR firm or by a selling person, Who try to softly selling you a product instead to give you an impartial advice.
  • Check if the firm advertised is a registered one, consult the OFT Register.
  • Read carefully their terms of conditions.
  • Understand any fees or cost involved in the process.
  • Visit their office in person.

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