Money problems - Link between debt and suicide

Many times, financial issues eat up all your joy and happiness of life and leave you surrounded by worries.

The high standard living style that compels you to spend more than your income, or any sort of business loss, or simply debt, there can be ample of reasons behind a financial trouble.

Once you find yourself engulfed around such problems, you keep on finding a way to get out of it, which may lead to unnecessary frustration. And when you are unable to find a solution, you may even think of taking desperate measures such as suicide.

There are many who don’t accept the fact that financial stress can lead to suicides, but we can’t ignore the interrelation between these two.

Following the unprecedented rise of suicidal cases among the people who have been undergoing financial issues, the researcher Dr David Stuckler has established the link between the financial problems and the suicide.

Several studies have been conducted that have proved the fact that financial stress can lead to suicides and it has even raised the suicide rates. The rise in the suicide rates because of financial problems was seen more during the period of recession.

The period, between 2007 and 2009 in nine nations around the world, has witnessed the rise in suicides due to debt problems.

The suicide toll rate was especially high in the European countries and it was undoubtedly linked to financial crisis. The victims were mainly from the working age groups. The main cause behind this ill-step was loss of jobs due to the recession. And the biggest reason behind financial problem is the personal debt.

As per a recent study, about 11.5 percent of the British citizens consider debt as the biggest financial problem which can affect the quality of life. And thus a significant number of people in the UK are struggling to find a way out from their debt issues.

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