Interview with Credit Management Specialists

We are glad to interview the Founder and Managing Director of, Graham Sands.

Graham, tell us a little about your company Amril:

Amril came into being only a couple of years ago, after painstaking research into the debt collection industry for nearly two years. I have over twenty years experience within Credit Management and wrote a chapter on Business UK Debt in the international book ‘The Business Guide to Credit Management’ endorsed and sponsored by the Inst of Credit Management and Inst of Directors.

I started Amril because I was fed up of the bad reputation our industry was getting due to a small percentage of people/businesses within our industry.

What is the toughest part about having a debt difficulties?

Understanding how to resolve it, because if you can, you will sleep better which in turn will help you think more clearly and therefore not panic and make further mistakes.

Never agree to anything unless you have had the chance to sleep on it, that’s my motto.

Why do you think so many people are getting into trouble with debt today?

In today’s society we are constantly bombarded with glittering products and services from our wish list of ‘must haves’ and getting credit for products or services we wanted was easy – credit was easily accessed only a few years ago, no wonder people are suffering from a debt crisis now.

The biggest problem is the person with the debt; it is seen to be all right to blame the government, HP agreements, payday loans and banks etc.

The individual in a majority of cases signed an agreement and didn’t take in to account the ‘what ifs’ in life i.e. could I afford to pay the monthly agreement if my utilities went up £25? What if my car breaks down, how am I going to get to work, what is the cost?

Sometimes we need to look at ourselves and admit ok, I screwed up, now how can I fix this.

Education is the key, giving people practical advice on money matters.

What does your company offer to help people who are in money difficulties?

We help business increase cash flow, with our different services of:

  • Worldwide Debt Collection
  • Credit Control Training 
  • Outsourced Credit Control
  • Litigation
  • Consultancy

This in turn, increases higher productivity, employment and potential funding opportunities for business growth.

Remember: Amril stand out from the crown because we believe in treating people fairly, that is why we get Debtor Testimonials – we don’t just take the money that is owed we are praised on how well we do it!

Given the general increase in the number of people in debt, where do you think people are finding information about debt solutions such as IVA’s?

It is organisations such as you guys at IVA123 that people will turn to for further information. I would strongly recommend to anyone in debt, seek free advice first, and get as much information as possible.

Check out other organisations such as the Citizens Advice Bureau or contact the National Debt Helpline before heading towards a paid service, after all your in debt already! AND remember if you use a paid service and you pay upfront BEFORE your creditors agree to you proposal, you could well lose your money.

331 people every day of the year will be declared insolvent or bankrupt. This is equivalent to 1 person every 60 seconds during a working day, this is terrible news and people need help.

I believe the government are not doing enough in this area. Education is the key and they need to support the not-for-profit organisations that give educational advice on debt related matters.

Is there a common denominator amongst clients who turn to your company for help (apart from obviously being in debt)?

No, not really there is so much information out there; it is about finding a trusted source that you can rely on that is the problem. All our clients come to us by word of mouth.

The number of IVA cases seems to be increasing faster than those of Bankruptcy. Why do you think this is?

I believe people are starting to realise that their personal credit rating is very important. We all know how hard getting credit is nowadays, three or four years ago it was not issue. Now the chance of getting credit without a personal guarantee or backing it up with assets is far from easy.

An IVA is where an individual comes to an arrangement with creditors to pay his/her debts in full or in part over time as an alternative to bankruptcy.

So, people are realising by paying off the majority of their debts (IVA) rather than getting them completely written off (Bankruptcy) is a far better way of dealing with matters. Bankruptcy should be seen as the very last resort.

Bankruptcy is a legal status of an insolvent person or an organisation, that is, one that cannot repay the debts owed to creditors.

In Bankruptcy – some bad news

  • You lose control of your assets.
  • You cannot obtain credit for over £250 without the permission from the lender.
  • Your credit is affected for many, many years after the annulment.
  • You may be publicly examined in court.

What are the costs involved with an IVA at your company?

We do not do IVA’s.

Some last words of advice from your company:

Christmas is upon us, and it does not take much to forget our troubles and put it all on the card.

If you are having problems, deal with them and write to each creditor in turn, get names and telephone numbers and what their job title is, all written correspondence must be registered post and copied to your own files for reference.

Complete a ‘means test’ (outgoing’s and incoming’s) attach it to all letters. Advice creditors what you can pay and don’t be bullied into paying more. Living expenses come first, especially with children.
Tell creditors you will re-evaluate in 6 months, BUT keep them in the picture if there is a change to your circumstances.

Also, request creditors to freeze any interest on outstanding monies owed.

IMPORTANT: Request all correspondence in writing – No phone calls. Also make a note of their Consumer Credit Licence and any official bodies they belong too.

Note from the Editorial Staff

Amril is a B2B Credit Management service operating in Crawley, West Sussex.

Amril provides Credit Management and Litigation services to businesses in West Sussex, East Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey, Kent London and Crawley.

Amril is also member of the Institute of Credit Management and tge Credit Service Association.

You can be in touch with their team at:

Telephone: 01293 260106
Telephone: 0845 388 23 20



Amril Limited - Head Office
Shaw House
Pegler Way
RH11 7AF

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