The IVA Register

IVAs are public records and are registered in the Insolvency Services IVA Register.

The IVA Register typically includes:

  • A complete list of all current Bankruptcies and also those that have been announced in the last 3 months.
  • A complete list of current IVAs.
  • A complete list of all Fast Track Voluntary Arrangements or FTVAs
  • A complete list of Bankruptcy Restrictions Orders or BROs.
  • A complete list of Bankruptcy Restrictions Undertakings or BRUs
  • The IVA Register can be accessed to fetch many important details.
  • Anyone can get access to these details, as the IVA register is a public record.

The details that are included in the register are generally:

  • The name and Date of Birth of the debtor.
  • The last known address of the debtor.
  • The occupation related details of the debtor.
  • All relevant information on a particular IVA arrangement.
  • The details of the Insolvency Practitioner of a particular IVA.

All these details remain on the IVA register till then the IVA is revoked, concluded or terminated.

If you want to access these records, you will have to visit the website of Insolvency Services, which is

Ot this website, you can search for the insolvency related details covering the cases of entire England and the Wales, and also the areas that are covered by an official receiver.

Find out how to search the IVA Database in this guide.

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