Be social and WIN £150!

Today we launch our new competition:

SHARE OUR WEBSITE WITH YOUR FRIENDS and family and give us your Feedback for a chance to WIN £150 EVERY WEEK!

How does it work?

It is very simple. If you like this site share it!

Click one of the Social Icons (FaceBook, Google +1, Twitter or another) present on any page on our website and make sure you share the page with your network.

After sharing, simply visit our Contact Page and send us a short message with your Feedback, positive or negative.Smile

We would like to have your opinion on:

  • Do you like the graphic of our website?
  • Do you think our guides are clear and useful?

That's it!

Make sure you feel the form with a valid email address, so if you have won we can contact you.

How much is the winning prize?

Every week we select a participant, the winner receives £150!

How Do I get my prize?

We send all winnings through PayPal and you will receive from them a secure message with details on how you can collect your winnings.

Because we are giving away money, we have few rules making thinks run as smoothly as possible.

  1. If you have won, you must reply to us within 48 hours. If we do not receive your reply from you after 48 hours, we simply put your winnings back into the pot of money.
  2. If your PayPal account has any complications, please sort those out before entering the contest as this will make it difficult for us to give you the money.
Note: We will never abuse your email or disclose it to any third party for whatever reason (we hate spam too), we will contact you only if you have won. We award the prize if we have received at least 15 sharing in a week, so please spread the voice among your social network.

Thanks for sharing!

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