Debtwise free advice on bank disputes/complaints.

Today we have selected as useful website of the Week, Debtwise for its interesting services.

Something about Debtwise:

The aim of Debtwise is to help those people with bank disputes where they are unable to obtain satisfaction from dealing with the bank/lenders. This includes helping with complaints to the Financial Ombudsman Service.
On occasions in more complex complaints, Debtwise can take over the correspondence and deal direct with the bank FOS upon authority to do so.

Debtwise can consider areas such as disputes between husband and wife and a bank, partnerships, and sometimes limited company and bank security such as guarantees and mortgages. Debtwise can provide general email advice on areas such as debt management, solicitor complaints and general debt related complaints.

Debtwise will not however become directly involved in complaints where the complainant can follow internet set letter advice from organizations such as Consumer Action eg Bank Charges and PPI Complaints. In both these type of complaints, the FOS offers advice. Debtwise also refers people to the CAB or CCCS where there is a basic debt repayment problem.

Debtwise service is FREE and is not to be considered a business or legal advice. It can only directly deal with a small number of complaints at a time on a first come first served basis.
The outcome on any complaint depends on what the complaint is, what documentation is held to support the complaint, and also whether any particular complaint comes under the remit of the FOS.

Debtwise advice to anyone with a complaint:

  1. Make the complaint in writing in clear point form. Ask for a response within 14 days and keep a copy of all correspondence. Ask for details of the company's complaints procedures.
  2. If a complaint is discussed on the phone, be polite, make a note of what is said and ask for confirmation in writing.
    Many banks will record conversations 'for training purposes'.
  3. If appropriate, request a copy of the Subject Access (Data) File under the Data Protection Act 1998, which normally costs £10.
    Ask for all file information, copies of phone calls where applicable, and any particular information that is directly relevant to a complaint.

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