Smoking your budget away - Tips for people in debt

Your smoking habit can badly hit your budget with the rising prices of packets of cigarettes. If you keep consuming cigarettes at the same rate, besides taking care of your health, you will have to struggle a lot to manage your finances as well.

Smoking is an addiction and each year a smoker literally burns thousands of pounds by puffing cigarettes. Those addicted, find it impossible to give up their bad habit, despite being aware of its ill-effects on their health and ruining their money behind this habit.

If you quit smoking, not only you step in the right direction to improve your health, but you can also save some money which can be utilized for your family.
There could be several good reasons that can inspire a smoker to quit this bad habit.

If you quit smoking, you will save several pounds each day and hundreds of pounds each month. You can use this saving in paying for your essential living costs. By quitting smoking or cutting back your daily consumption of cigarettes, you can control your finances in a better manner.

Once you start saving money each month by not buying packets of cigarettes, you can use the money to pay off your outstanding debts. So quitting cigarettes could be your right step towards improving your finances. 

When you give up smoking, you have a spare amount of cash with which you can spend on those things which used to be unavoidable for you earlier.

Non-smokers can enjoy another huge benefit in terms of lower insurance premiums. In cases like, critical Illness, and medical endowments, a non-smoker is charged with much cheaper premiums as compared to the smokers.

It’s surprising but true, if you are a smoker, your car may have a less resale value. If you use to smoke in your car and do not consider to clean it thoroughly. The ash, smell etc will devalue your car’s resale price.

So, there are quite a few reasons that suggest that you should quit smoking and lead a debt-free life. So, have you started thinking to quit this bad habit seriously now?

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