How to save on Fuel costs

The ever increasing cost of fuel has affected thousands of vehicle owners in the UK. The majority of drivers now use fuel economy as a major deciding factor when buying a motor vehicle. However, to minimize your fuel expenditure, it is possible to increase fuel efficiency of your vehicle by performing regular maintenance and implementing good driving habits.

When faced with debt, you still need to travel to work, send the children to school and visit your friends and relatives. Saving money on fuel spending can be the starting point in improving your finances.

Top tips on saving your fuel/diesel costs

Although distances we have to travel to work or in visiting family and friends do not change, fuel economy tips outlined below has proved to be useful in meeting travelling expenses from a small budget.

  1. Avoid travelling short trips.
    It costs you nothing to walk short distances. In this way you will save on fuel usage.
  2. Always use the right gear.
    Travelling on low gear can increase 15% to your fuel bill. Always ensure that you change to high gear when it’s necessary and safe to do so.
  3. Switch-off the air conditioning.
    Avoid turning on air conditioning in your car when the weather is fine. The reason being that it consumes petrol at a faster rate. You must also close car windows when the air conditioner is on, when left open it will enhance the consumption of more fuel.
  4. Avoid high speeds.
    Generally, driving too fast consumes more petrol. For instance, when compared to a speed of 50mph, travelling at a speed of 70mph consume 20-30% more fuel.
  5. Always check your tires.
    You must consistently check your tire pressure. Under inflated tires you will consume more fuel and also wear much faster.


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