Tips for avoiding Wedding Debt

A recent survey by Direct Line showed that wedding couples and their guests are left in debt through preparations and gifts. Another financial institution also concluded that it takes 10 months for couples to budget for a wedding. However, it does not mean that if you are in Debt you can’t marry.

When facing financial challenges and would want a successful wedding, below are tips that may help reduce strain on your finances:

  • Be creative – Definitely you made art and craft at school. Make use of your creativity and make your own invitations, bake your own wedding cake and even make your own wedding dress with a sewing machine at home.
  • Call friends for assistance – Although everyone is not creative, we have friends and relatives who can give a hand. With a strong social network it would be easy to identify relatives who can assist with their creativity in making your wedding a success at a minimal cost.
  • Focus on atmosphere – From your small wedding budget you can create an atmosphere which allows high levels of social interaction.
    You must bear in mind that to make a wedding enjoyable, close friends and relatives must be present because they are the ones who will always support you regardless of your financial position.
  • Defy convention – As a tradition most people would want to go for a honeymoon just after their wedding, however to make things cheap for yourself it’s better to delay for a while. You are not obliged to have a wedding cake and matching bridesmaids together with a convoy of luxury cars.
    Keep it simple and everyone would enjoy on your special day.

If you want a wedding to remember, avoiding debt at all costs is vital for a happy marriage.

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