Beware of hidden costs with Free Debt Help

This guide aims to help you make an informed decision when choosing between free and paid debt solutions with respect to service quality and support.

When choosing a Debt Solution you should pay attention to inquire with any hidden costs or a shoddy service.
Below are some of the reasons why you should consider paying debt schemes and services against free ones.

  • If you visit some financial experts they claim to provide free advice and support - this is only done until you begin making payments for a Debt Solution such as a Debt Management Plan or an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA).
    Be inquisitive and make sure you have on paper all the costs and fees involved.
  • Free DIY Debt Management Plans do not assist much as there are no contributions made to the Creditors.
    Fee charges on DIY DMP as well as interest remain unchanged makes easier for already debt troubled individuals to incur more costs.
    If you choose a one of these DIY services make sure they are able to support you in all the process dealing also directly with your Creditors.
  • The Ministry of Justice assumes that some Creditor-Funded Debt Management Companies have hidden costs in their services. The amounts are summed up in people’s debts, thus making the service provision not free as they say.
    Once again pay attention to Terms and Conditions and remember to compare at least three respectable firms.
  • Most of payed Debt Advisors have Doctor in their title. They also undertake special dedicated hours of study and exams. This is meant for them to do their jobs properly. However, this could not be the case, for instance hundred of Citizen’s Advices volunteers provide inconsistent service.
  • Approximately, six of ten Debt Management Schemes are IVAs. In this regard it typically  the most appropriate solution for many people who are incapable of repaying their debt in England. Nonprofit Debt Management Service Providers say that IVA passes about two of ten only.
    If you fill in the IVA requirements make sure your consulting organization is an expert in IVA services.

From the above points, consider evaluating both Debt Management Solutions and Free DIY solutions, remembering to pay always attention to Terms & Conditions, costs and their level of expertise.

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