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Bankruptcy Lawyers

A bankruptcy lawyer can be hired in situations like administrations, liquidations, receiverships, company voluntary arrangements, bankruptcies and or IVA.

Bankruptcy – What happens to your pension?

What happens to your pension when you are in Bankruptcy? Learn more on this guide.

What happens to your home in Bankruptcy?

Your home is one major asset that the trustee will claim to repay the debts related to your bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy – How your debts are paid?

As soon as you are declared bankrupt, all interests and ownerships on properties or assets solely owned by you will be claimed by the Official Receiver or the trustee to pay off the debts to your creditors.

What happens to your bank accounts and credit rating?

Bankruptcy affects your assets in all form and this includes even your bank accounts and your building society accounts. Lear more here.

A Guide to Bankruptcy in UK

Bankruptcy is the legal declaration about the inability of an individual or a company to repay its creditors. It is a legal way of handling the debts that you no longer can afford to pay.

Insolvency and its types

Insolvency is defined by law as the state of inability of a company or an organization to pay off the debts to its creditors

Bankruptcy Register

Bankruptcy register or the Individual Insolvency register is a record containing details of all bankrupt or IVA individuals. This is a public record accessible by anyone through online search on the bankruptcy register’s database

All about Debt Consolidation in UK

What is Debt Consolidation? Advantages of Debt Consolidation? Learn more on this guide.

A Systematic guide towards dealing with debt problems

If you are worried about your increasing debts and their repayment options, then relax and be assured that you are not alone.

After Bankruptcy

The decision to file bankruptcy is a huge one, especially due to the negative implications and the social stigma it causes. Learn more on this guide.

Bank accounts for discharged bankruptcy

When you file for your bankruptcy, your bank will freeze your account or give you very limited facilities. In many cases, banks even close the accounts of the person who has filed a bankruptcy petition in the court.

Bankruptcy fees

Anyone having substantial debt finds bankruptcy as the last option to get rid of his or her critical debt situations. Learn more about Bankruptcy fees here.

Bankruptcy in different states of UK

In the United Kingdom, there is no singular law for bankruptcy that is applicable uniformly throughout the nation. In fact, there are three parallel systems in UK.

About Divorce and Bankruptcy

About Divorce & Bankruptcy. An introduction on this complex topic can be found in the following guide.