How to get a Lawyer when you are Bankrupt in UK

When you decide to file a bankruptcy petition, the most important thing you need is the consultation with a professional lawyer and his expert guidance into your bankruptcy matters. Bankruptcy is a specialised field and there are expert bankruptcy lawyers who deal in cases of their clients. They are the lawyers who make their clients capable of discharging their debts. These lawyers help their clients to devise a plan where they can start paying off their debts and clear their debts over a period of time.

A good bankruptcy lawyer would always explain the ins and outs of bankruptcy and its implications to his clients. The lawyer explains how bankruptcy laws in UK can be effective in overcoming severe debt situations and fulfill someone’s financial obligations. Besides consulting on bankruptcy matters, these lawyers educate their clients on the ways to keep the expenditure within their budget by eliminating unnecessary expenses. These lawyers teach their clients how to extend the payment deadlines and make payments within those deadlines. These lawyers analyze the available options to pay off the outstanding debts depending upon the financial conditions of their clients.

If you cannot deal with your debt situation effectively then you would need services of a lawyer or a financial adviser. If you are in such a critical financial situation that you are unable to pay off your current debt, a debt lawyer would help you to decide the best way to deal with your case. If you think that bankruptcy is the best way to eliminate your debt, you need to find a good bankruptcy lawyer and seek his helpful advice. If you cannot see any option to pay off your outstanding amount within a few years’ period, even sacrificing several expenses from your life, declaring yourself bankrupt can be a serious option.

The very first thing that a bankruptcy lawyer does is the assessment of your debt conditions to ascertain if you are eligible for the bankruptcy system. For a layman, understanding the UK bankruptcy law can be a very complex process and in order to submit a bankruptcy application to the court, you need a lawyer’s assistance.

Finding such a reputable bankruptcy lawyer is not very difficult in UK. There are so many bankruptcy lawyers practicing in various parts of the UK. One simple way of finding a bankruptcy lawyer is through a web search. You can make an online search with the term “bankruptcy lawyer in UK” and you will get a number of results. You can shortlist few of them according to their expertise in the bankruptcy cases and the fees charged by them.

Most lawyer’s or legal firm’s website gives you an idea about the number of cases they have handled before. This will show their level of expertise in dealing in bankruptcy cases. On some websites, you will be able to read client’s testimonials as well. This further establishes their credibility. However, some times these opinions are not truthful or unbiased.
If you want independent and unbiased information about a bankruptcy lawyer, there are several online forums where people post their candid opinion. Sometimes these people may have faced such situations before and might have fought bankruptcy cases earlier. They can help share their experiences with others. They can also help you pointing out merits or demerits of their lawyers. These unbiased opinions will help you to identify the best bankruptcy lawyer for you.

First of all, we always look for lawyers who can help us by charging minimal fees. But keep in mind not all cheap lawyers are the best. The impacts of bankruptcy can be very severe on your life. And thus, it’s important that your lawyer can handle your case in the court and must protect your interests optimally. An experienced lawyer will analyze your financial documents and will prepare your case to present your eligibility for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is also known as insolvency. This, insolvency can be of two types - voluntary and involuntary and you will need a lawyer in either case. In voluntary insolvency, you yourself initiate the insolvency process and your lawyer initiates the proceedings in the court. On the other hand, in involuntary insolvency, your creditors file for your bankruptcy and your lawyer represents your case in the court.

A bankruptcy lawyer generally handles two types of proceedings:
Debtor rehabilitation.

In liquidation, the lawyer tries to find ways to distribute client’s assets to pay off his remaining debts while in rehabilitation, the lawyer devises a legitimate plan where the debtor can get rid of his financial obligations using his regular source of income. Thus, a bankruptcy lawyer doesn’t only help you in court; he also helps you to clear your outstanding debts.

If you are looking for Bankruptcy lawyers in UK, following may be reliable sources to look for:
a) The best idea is look for government acknowledged lawyers. You can call the Insolvency Enquiry Line for general enquiries by emailing them at or
You can call: 0845 602 9848

b) Review Center UK, also offers impartial comments on Lawers and Debt Management compnaies.

c) You can also browse through the directory of government registered lawyers at

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