Understanding IVA when you are staying in Manchester

If you are living in Manchester and are going through serious debt problems, there are help out there in the form of different debt management solutions offered by different firms in Manchester. IVA or Individual Voluntary Agreement is a very good alternative to bankruptcy if you are trying to find ways to get out of your debt troubles.

There are certain criteria you need to fulfil for you to be eligible for an IVA. Your debt should be over £15000 and you should owe money to minimum 3 different creditors. If you want to get into IVA or Individual Voluntary Agreement, you should have regular monthly income of at least £200. You should also have some assets that you can release to contribute to the IVA. It is best to get advice from an experienced IVA professional before you consider getting into because you need to be committed enough to complete the terms of IVA to be debt free at the end of it. IVA is usually set up by a licensed Insolvency Practitioner. It is definitely a better option to save your home from getting absolved from creditors or having to face any legal actions from creditors or even cutting down accumulating penalties and finance charges.

IVA is a legal agreement signed between you and your creditors through an Insolvency practitioner practising in Manchester city. It is a commitment that you put on paper with legal validity that says you are willing to make payments for the next 5 years without fail. There is a certain procedure involved in setting up an IVA. Your IVA firm or the insolvency practitioner in Manchester will ask you to produce the required documents such as income statements, statements from each of your creditor showing the debt amount, mortgage papers and any papers showing any other asset you might own. After carefully studying all your financial records, your practitioner will come up with a proposal that will allocate money for each of your creditor from your monthly income. Your IP will discuss the proposal with each and every one of your creditor before finalising it. After the final IVA document is ready, it will be put for voting. If you get 75% of your creditors to agree to the proposal, it is considered valid. The rest of the creditors who did not approve the proposal also will have to accept the proposal. Once the voting is done and 75% of the creditors vote in favour, the agreement will be signed by all the parties. After this you will have to start the payment to each of your creditor as per the agreement. The Agreement usually is made for a period of maximum 5 years. You can choose to pay it earlier if your debt is not high and you are able to make higher payments monthly to finish the IVA faster in Manchester. During the course of the IVA, if there is an increase in your income, you are supposed to report this to your IP and he will work out a new proposal with increased payments to each creditor if possible.

The advantage of IVA is that even if some of your creditors do not agree to the terms of the IVA, if the other 75% agrees, they will be left with no other option than to agreeing to the IVA. Because once the IVA gets required approval, there is no scope for any legal actions or any other methods to recover their debts. Another advantage is that when the IVA is being set up, provisions are always left for your living expenditure in Manchester and your mortgages if you have any. Another advantage is that once you start your IVA, all the finance charges which have been getting accumulated stops right there. You are only required to pay up the amount as mentioned in the IVA set up by your Insolvency Practitioner.

If you keep up with your payments all through the 5 year time even if you move away from Manchester, you can be totally debt free because any remaining payment will be written off by your creditors that make you debt free. If for any reason your monthly income decreases, you will have to work with your IP again to come with an IVA variation proposal again but in this case, your chances of getting it approved from your creditors are lower as they are under no obligation to approve if it is a decreased payment that they are receiving than the first proposal. It is very essential that you take extreme care not to deviate from your IVA as such variations can get you into more trouble.

1. Lewis alexander Limited is an IVA firm in Manchester with office located at The Copper Room, Deva Centre, Trinity Way, Manchester M3 7BG. They can be contacted at 0800 018 6868 or http://www.lewisalexander.com/ for more details.

2. Poppleton & Appleby is a group of Business Recovery & Insolvency Practitioners located at 32 High Street, Manchester, M4 1QD. They can be contacted at 0161 834 7025 or visit http://www.pandamanchester.co.uk/ for more details.

3. Curtis Faraday Debt Solutions provide debt management solutions and are located at Curtis Faraday Limited, 7 Park Street, Manchester, M3 1EU. They can be contacted at 0845 094 3725 or or http://www.curtisfaraday.co.uk for more details.


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