Reliable IVA firms in Canterbury

Canterbury, a city in Eastern Kent, is like any other city in UK. Canterbury’s citizens are down with the burden of increasing debts. People are striving hard to come out of this situation and are disparately in search of ways to get rid of the debts in a much decent way. And what would be suitable for residents of Canterbury, than the IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement)?

IVA is a government scheme that was introduced in the year 1986 and targeted mainly to those individuals, sole proprietors and partners who have run into debt and are struggling to come out of it. When it looks that there is no other means than bankruptcy IVA comes into help for the people of Canterbury.
IVA is an agreement that binds the debtor and the creditors on certain agreed terms and conditions. It helps in repaying your debt to all the creditors in part, over a period of 5 years. You need not make individual payments to all creditors. You need to make a single payment on a monthly basis that would be dispersed among the creditors.
Once you enter into an IVA your mounting interest stops abruptly. Whatever interest has been charged just before the agreement, that would be full and final.

The process for initiating an IVA in Canterbury is simple.
First of all you need to find an Insolvency Practitioner, preferably a Licensed person or agency.
Detail out your assets and liabilities, the creditors and the amount outstanding, individually.
Next is to make budget. What would be your monthly income, how much need to be retained for your basic sustenance and how much you can set aside for the repayment? Either you provide the calculation or else the Insolvency Practitioner himself will help you out in the calculation.

Once done, the IVA proposal is drafted out detailing out the terms. When you provide your agreeability on the said draft, the same is sent to the Court for a formal intimation and then distributed among the creditors with a notice providing a tentative date for a meeting of all creditors and the debtor.

On the said date the meeting is held and voting is done. If majority of them agree to it (it requires 3/4th voting) then it becomes effective. If not, more time is sought and normally after a fortnight the second meeting is fixed. In the meantime, the solicitor takes initiative to convince those creditors who voted against it. If required, during the first meeting itself, certain changes can be done in the IVA. Or so, it can be done in the second.
There are many benefits in going for an IVA in Canterbury.
It is a decent way of getting rid of your debts unlike bankruptcy in which they had to face disgracing situations. The matter remains between the debtor, creditor, solicitor, court and the Government’s Insolvency Service Database. It will NOT BE made public like the bankruptcy. So even your close friends and relatives will not know, unless you wish to disclose.

While IVA comes into effect, you can carry on with your business as usual. Rather it is more advised to do so, so that you can contribute more from the income from it towards repayment.
Once an IVA is initiated in Canterbury, creditors cannot take any legal action against the debtor. And if any such thing has been already initiated before, it can be suspended through a Court Order that can be obtained by the debtor’s solicitor.

There are many such agencies that are out there who claim to provide you with the best services and reasonable IVA terms. But one needs to be careful and analyze well before entering into an IVA, as some of these may tend to misguide.

One such reliable agency is The UK Insolvency Help line that can be reached at 0800 074 6918. Alternately they have an option of online form fill up, which once you complete and submit their advisor will get back to you.. For the form and further details check at is a national help line that is a registered Charity Organization and is a part of the

Money Advice Trust
Debt Restructuring Solutions are also operating in Canterbury and can be reached through their Free phone service at 0800 169 1536 or log on to
Bankruptcy and IVA Information Centre can be contacted at 0800 002 9951 or log on to

There are some registered Charity Organizations too that provide with suitable advise through help lines and also provide online services.

Debt Advice Foundation is one such organization that extends its services to the people of Canterbury through phone at 0800 043 40 50 and their online existence at
Normally these online service providers provide free consultation and advise.

But ensure the same with them. They keep your information confidential, provide proper and impartial guidance and all their advise are non-judgmental. If you choose a good IVA service provider in Canterbury, you are sure to be lightened from the burden of debts.

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