List of most reputable IVA firms in Manchester

You start looking at IVA options when you are struggling with various credit card bills and other debts. Every time you do not pay a credit card bill, the finance charges and penalties add up and the debt piles up every month. It might seem like a never ending process and you could also face the threat of legal actions against you from your creditors. You might be bombarded with letters from your creditors and your life might seem like a nightmare that never ends. When you reach such a point, you should explore your options to manage the situation. An IVA could be your best option to cease the finance charges and those penalties piling up and to cease all those legal threats. There are many reputed IVA firms in Manchester that will be able to help you.

IVA is an agreement between you and your creditors facilitated by an insolvency practitioner or IP. This is an agreement which has legal validity and can protect you from any further legal actions including bankruptcy against you and can also stop all those interest and finance charges. There are some criteria to be eligible for IVA and the most difficult hurdle is to get your creditors to agree to the IVA proposal that your Insolvency practitioner is going to bring up. You need the approval of 75% of them to get it accepted. The IP needs to be licensed and should be experienced enough to make the right negotiations and discussions to convince them of the proposal. This is why you should get a licensed and experienced practitioner from a reputed firm. The practitioner is going to be with you throughout the term of the IVA and credibility of the IP and the IVA firm also matters to the creditors. Your chances of getting the IVA accepted will be more if you go with a reputed firm.

If you do a search in any of the search engines for a list of reputed IVA firms in Manchester, you will be amazed by the number of companies out there. There are about 40 IVA firms and close to 100 Insolvency Practitioners in Manchester. There are different forums and discussion groups in internet that will provide you with enough information about each firm so that you can decide which one you would like to go with. Many of the websites of these companies have given reference of people they have helped in the past to be debt free and you can get in touch with these people and find out their opinions before signing up with a particular firm. Discussion groups and forums of people struggling with debt problems and those who have used IVA in the past would help you as well. Real life experience from real people about a particular firm will give you a better idea than just reading about it in their website or anywhere else.

When you are looking at some of the most reputed firms in Manchester area, you have to also see if you are able to afford their services. Some of the firms charge a hefty fee upfront before offering the service. You are struggling with finance anyways and will not want to spend anything extra at this point. So you will have to keep this aspect also while choosing an IVA firm. Another aspect you need to consider is their online and over the phone support. You would be working with the firm and most likely a single insolvency practitioner for 5 long years and you want someone who you know can count on any time. Nobody would really want to disclose their personal finance to an outsider and you will have to do so now to get you out of your debt problems. So you need someone who you can be comfortable to talk to about your finance problems.

There are IVA companies in Manchester that really understand your situation and do not charge you any fee for your initial consultation while some other firms even charge to check if you are eligible for an IVA. If you are not eligible for an IVA, you might be wasting your money if you have to pay upfront. There are firms in Manchester who deal with all financial matters and there are also firms comprising of only insolvency practitioners. The advantage with such firms is that they will not have allegiance with any bank or financial institutions and would be completely impartial.

List of IVA Companies in Manchester:
1. Lewis alexander Limited is an IVA firm in Manchester with office located at The Copper Room, Deva Centre, Trinity Way, Manchester M3 7BG. They can be contacted at 0800 018 6868 or for more details.

2. Poppleton & Appleby is a group of Business Recovery & Insolvency Practitioners located at 32 High Street, Manchester, M4 1QD. They can be contacted at 0161 834 7025 or visit for more details.

3. Curtis Faraday Debt Solutions provide debt management solutions and are located at Curtis Faraday Limited, 7 Park Street, Manchester, M3 1EU. They can be contacted at 0845 094 3725 or or for more details.

4. Blair Endersby -Personal Insolvency Specialists are IVA consultants located at 18-22, Lloyds House, Lloyd Street, Manchester, M2 5BE. They can be contacted at 0800 096 1661or visit the website for more details.

5. Clarke Bell is a group of chartered accountants and Insolvency practitioners located at Personage Chambers,3 The Parsonage, Manchester, M32HW. They can be contacted at 0800 195 6768 or visit for more details.


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