Free online IVA help for inhabitants of Southampton

In today’s world where people are facing lot of financial difficulties from all directions that include recession, unemployment, increasing cost of living, people of Southampton like all others have slowly got into the vicious circle called debt from which, it is becoming difficult to come out unscratched. This is widely prevalent across the UK and the inhabitants of Southampton, the largest city of Hampshire, too are not spared of this situation. Life is getting a little difficult for people in Southampton and they are looking for ways to get rid of their debts.
With the intention of addressing this grave situation and to help out the people come out of their debts with the least adverse effects, Government of UK had introduced the IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) scheme in the year 1986.

The IVA has been well developed keeping in the interest of both the debtors and the creditors and with the minimum amount of damage to the status of the debtor. And that is the main reason for its instant popularity as well as consistent success throughout these years in Southampton.

An IVA in Southampton is a sort of formal agreement between the debtor and the creditors wherein they agree upon certain terms and conditions for repayment of the outstanding debt. The IVA initiated by the debtor and when it is accepted by the creditors it is put into action and over a given period when the debtor repays the agreed upon amount the IVA is said to be successfully completed and the rest amount due on the debtor is written off and the debtor is cleared of all debts.

Why is it so successful and widely chosen upon an IVA solution?
The debtor need not pay the entire amount. He can repay only that amount that he can afford to over a fixed period of time say maximum 5 years.

He is not forced to repay the entire amount at a time during the agreement. They agree upon a minimum amount that he will pay every month so that slowly he can make the payment for the entire agreed upon amount.
He can retain his house property.

His lifestyle is not too much affected like he can continue with his regular business. There is no disqualification of his profession, can hold public office positions, Directorship of the company etc.
He is supposed to retain the minimum required money for day-to-day expenses needed for a living and the rest only he has to set aside for the repayment. So his life style is not changed much.
And because of this, even his close relatives and friends will not know about his bad debt situation. And so also this IVA agreement is purely private matter and the same will not be disclosed outside to the public. This will help the debtor maintain his existing status in the society.

The creditors are stopped from contacting and harassing the debtor for their pending debts.
With spiraling rate of the number of people in debt in Southampton, many debt solution companies have come into existence. While many of them are located physically in different localities, there are many who provide online and telephonic help throughout the UK. Even if the person is not able to spend towards telephonic charges, they can use the online form to contact the Agencies and they will get back to the client to provide the necessary support. Alternately they have the FREE Phone Service Number. So if you call on that number it will not cost you anything. These are normally called Personla Dent Helplines. The general norm is that they charge no fees for initial consultation and advice and only when the Debt Solution is approved upon do they begin to charge. Otherwise, all the online consultations are free of charge.

The leading online Helpline is The UK Insolvency Helpline who have the Free Phone service and you can reach them even from Southampton at 0800 074 6918 and for online help log on to and fill up their form on the right and they will get back to you.

Debt Helpline UK Ltd. is an online IVA service provider who can be contacted at 0800 098 8212 or you can email them at or get online help at
Debt Free Advice is yet another agency that is working online for the Southampton. They can be reached at 0800 731 7973. log on to and fill up the form and submit if you wish them to call you back.

Debt Advice Helpline Southampton is a helpline that operates both online and on fre phone. You can call them at 0800 169 1536 or log on to and fill up the form on the right so that they will get back to you.
There are other such helplines too who operate online. Searching in the Search Engines would flood the result page with many such helpline links. Find the one that suits you and get rid of the debts in the best possible way and lead a happy debt free life.

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