Eligibility for the British citizenship with IVA and bankruptcy

Citizenship is a very complex affair and there can be several things that can possibly determine your eligibility for the British citizenship. IVA or bankruptcy is an important aspect that can have its own impact on your application for British citizenship.

If anyone is going to apply for British citizenship, it’s essential that the person is solvent. This is ascertained that the person can financially support himself. But no attempt is made to verify whether the person is bankrupt or not.

Your financial background is checked however in order to verify your eligibility for the British citizenship.

It would also be checked that you are an income tax payee and also contribute towards National Insurance. You may be asked to furnish details of your HM Revenue and Customs so that the officials can verify the details. If you don’t pay your income taxes following the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) rule, you will have to attach a Self Assessment Statement of Account with your citizenship application.

In case, you have been declared bankrupt ever in your life, you will have to provide with all the details of your bankruptcy proceedings. And if there is any uncharged bankruptcy on you, there is a rare chance that your application will be processed to award you with a British citizenship.

In order to ensure that your application will not be rejected, you should seek proper advice from the Home Office and then proceed further with your application.

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