Hiding financial problems to partners, trends in the UK

It is commonly seen that the person owing a debt hardly shares his problem with anyone, they try to keep it secret and avoid disclosing the fact before their partners so that they don’t get tensed.

But in a recent study, the Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS) has revealed that this trend has been declining dramatically and now people are less willing to hide their debt problem from their future or present partners.

People while visiting the debt charity and seeking their advice reveal whether they are hiding their debt fact with their partners or not. In the recent times, the number of people confessing that they have discussed their debt problem with their partners has declined by over three thousand in three years.

The figure was 17,477 in 2008 which dropped to 16,424 in 2009. Last year, there were only 14,071 cases, where the debtors confessed that they were hiding the fact from their partners.

CCCS has appreciated this mature move among the debtors. When people try to hide their debts from their spouse, it may give rise to a mental tension and emotional stigma among both the persons.

We encourages debtors to share their debt problem and discuss with them to find a solution. Many times, a sensible spouse tries to relieve the pressure of his or partner and helps to deal with the situation. A debt problem can affect the lives of both the person in the relationship and thus both should be aware of their joint financial conditions.

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