Collector should not harass you on Facebook

When you fail to pay off your debt, the debt collectors come to the scene. Many times, these collectors make your live hellish by following you everywhere in the private and public space.

It could be very embarrassing if they follow you on social networking sites and post some upsetting message on your Facebook wall.

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) maintains guidelines that the debt collectors need to follow.

The OFT’s objective is to protect consumer’s interests throughout the UK.
They make sure that businesses are fair and honest towards their consumers.

There are different methods for every lender to collect the debt amount. In the same manner the Office of Fair Trading has brought certain updates and alteration in the regulation related to the debt collection.

One among the all guidance is that the debt collectors can’t follow the debtor on any social networking sites and ask for the payments. It also warns for any sort of physical or mental harassment, it also restricts that the collector can’t embarrass the debtor publicly or personally.

As per the OFT, the collector is prohibited from posting any sorts of message on any networking sites related to repayment of loans, credit card and any other kind of debt.
They are not allowed to disclose the identity of the person on such networking sites by posting a message.

It’s true that when a debtor is not able to pay off his debts, the companies do try to adopt all sorts of measures to recover the amount from him. However, any violation of the regulation leads to the cancellation of the Credit License.

So if your collector is harassing you, you can lodge a complaint against him by downloading a complaint form from the OFT’s website or writing them at

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