IVA and debt help in Chester

One of Cheshire’s towns is Chester. Chester, as other towns in the UK has many people suffering of personal debt problems.

There are a few firms who can help in this area that can provide debt solutions. While some of them have their office physically located in Chester, many organizations are active through their websites and telephonic services even if located in different nearby areas.

Before listing some of these companies, we list some benefit for an IVA:

Benefits to the debtor:

  • In an IVA, the debtor is not restricted in conducting his business. Only part of being income (the disposable income) will go as monthly repayments to the creditors during an IVA. By this way he is not overburdened to repay the entire amount in one go.
  • His house will be untouched and his assets protected from the creditors.
  • His insolvency would not be a public display; it would be strictly confidential between the debtor, creditor, the mediator (Licensed Insolvency Practitioner and the Court). Please note that IVA cases are kept in the IVA database records.
  • Once the IVA becomes effective the interest on your debts stops accumulating. No further interest would be charged from that date onwards till the repayment period.
  • No legal action can be initiated by any of the creditors after an IVA is initiated, provided you make the repayments regularly.

Benefit for the Creditor:

  • And since it is a legal binding the creditors are also assured that they would be getting a portion of their credit back.

So it would be a win-win situation for both the debtor and the creditor.

But remember all types of debt cannot be solved an IVA. Here some requirements:

  • IVA covers only unsecured debt.
  • The minimum owed amount should be £15000.
  • There should be a minimum of three different creditors.
  • The debtor must be having a regular income.
  • He should be capable of making a minimum of £200 as monthly repayment.
  • He should not be having any equity on his property that is more than the debt owed.

Take the help of any of the Advisory firm and get rid of your debt in an amicable way.

List of Debt help services and IVA firms avaiable in Chester – Cheshire.

Finding a certificated firm in Chester is not easy, so we hope to help you providing a list of certificated firms and Insolvency Practitioners.

The data here listed were exported from BLD (The Business Link Directory of UK), iva123.co.uk strives to provide more valuable and genuine information, but it could be possible that some firms has not been listed by error an unintentionally.

We are keen to say that we are impartial and not sponsored by any of these firms of IPs.

A debt solution is a serious matter. Before applying, you must understand all the consequences and costs involved in the process. Do not be afraid to ask questions, be inquisitive when you deal with a commercial firm.
You could also seek help from one of the many registered debt charities in the UK. 

Company: Aaron & Partners
Address: Grosvenor Court, Foregate Street, CHESTER, CH1 1HG
Telephone: 01244 405555
Fax: 01244 405566
Licensing Body:  SRA
Company: DTM Legal LLP
Address: Archway House, Station Road, Chester, CHESTER, CH1 3DR
Telephone: 01244 354800
Fax: 01244 403485
Licensing Body:  SRA
Company: Lynn M Houghton
Address: 86 Holme Park Avenue, Upper Newbold, CHESTERFIELD, S41 8XB
Telephone: 01246 229 9444
Fax: 01246 229944
Licensing Body:  ICAEW
Address: 24 Nicholas Street, CHESTER, CH1 2AU
Telephone: 01244 323051
Licensing Body:  ICAEW
Email: geoff.weisgard@mitchellcharlesworth.co.uk
Company: Synergis Partners
Address: Carter Place, Gisborne Close, Staveley, CHESTERFIELD, S43 3JT
Telephone: 0870 770 7755
Licensing Body:  IPA
Company: Taylor Rowlands
Address: Rowlands House, Portobello Road, Birtley, CHESTER LE STREET, DH3 2RY
Telephone: 0191 411 2468
Fax: 0191 411 2460
Licensing Body:  IPA
Company: The Recovery Partnership Limited
Address: Future House, South Place, Beetwell Street, CHESTERFIELD, Derbyshire, S40 1SZ
Telephone: 01246 233 108
Fax: 01246 236 983
Licensing Body:  ACCA

Non Profit organizations

Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS) is a debt charity registered in UK, they  have a regional centre in Chester.
The organisation offers money management and debt free counsulting. Their phone helpline (free) is open from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday 0800 138 1111.

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