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The IVA regulations underline the necessity of registering each IVA with the IVA database. These records on all bankruptcies and IVAs are often recorded in the IVA Insolvency Register or simply known as the IVA Register.

The IVA database is owned and maintained by The Insolvency Service. In the United Kingdom, it’s essential to maintain the insolvency records and they form the part of public records in the UK.

The IVA database can give details of each IVA case anywhere in the UK. The records simply detail out the name of the insolvent person, his date of birth and also contain information on the Insolvency Practitioner who has been supervising a particular case.

In the database, one can also find the Court details where an IVA has been processed. The starting date of the proceeding and its due date are also mentioned there.

Although the IVA data base is an important public record to fetch valuable information about any insolvent person, there can be some errors caused by unintentional human errors.

Thus, anyone whose details have been entered into the IVA database must check the database records for its accuracy. If an error is detected, it can be amended by making a request online. The Insolvency Service will make note of your requests and will make necessary amendments.

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